22 May 2012

Party in the USA (Haul)

 The Cosmetics Company Outlet
Clinique Even better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector - $39.75 USD ($63 CAD in Canada! WTF)

I'll keep me posted on whether it works.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin (40 Nude) - $11.97 USD (You can't find this in Canada, boo)
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser (150 Neutralizer) - $7.94 USD ($11.99 CAD in Canada)
Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream - $17.97 USD ($24.99 CAD in Canada)

I'll keep you posted on whether Healthy Skin and the Concealer live up to their hype.
I'm giving the eye cream a try too.

Wet n' Wild eye shadow (Brulee) - $1.97 USD ($2.99 CAD in Canada)

Finally, got it.
It's impossible to find one that isn't shattered to bits in Canada.

L'Occitane Outlet
Cherry Princess Body Silk & Solid Perfume pack - $13.60 USD (Not available in Canada)
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream - $10 USD ($12 CAD in Canada; mini travel sizes not available anymore?)
and the samples I got.

Woohoo, found more Cherry Princess stuff!  They're completely sold out in Canada.
These "Body Silks" are super liquidy, which is awesome, cuz I can use them as hand lotion.
I stocked up on another two tubes of the Cherry Blossom hand lotions, because all their hand lotions are in the twist-plastic tubes now.  The new tubes have a new formulation, so the consistency is thinner.

As you can tell, we get screwed over in Canada...
seriously, the price differences are ridiculous
especially when our dollar has been on par with the American dollar for quite a while now.

♥ M

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