25 March 2013

Vancouver Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2013

I had the opportunity to attend the Friday showing of Vancouver Fashion Week 2013.  Many thanks to Rosalia for generously inviting me to tag along with her, on a media pass.  Rosalia has a super chic style -- Check out her fashion blog:  style-love.blogspot.com!
I also got the chance to meet Kerri, whose style is what I would describe as trendy professional.  Plus, her exercise regime is beyond admirable.

It was a great evening overall, and I really enjoyed myself.
I still cannot believe I attended an event as media -- It sounds so swanky!
At one point, I was sitting in the front row!

Despite some Zara cousins and and Banana Republic Mad Men Collection bringback pieces, there were definitely tons of creativity in the venue.

As the biggest fan of year-round monochrome, I adored the abundance of shades.  What also appears to be up and coming in coolness is what I wish to coin the newspaper look -- A few designers almost exclusively used black, white, and red.

Modern Anne of Green Gables:

The Red Coats are coming!

Love the entire look on the right.

Creepy photo-taking and gawking is apparently totally acceptable at fashion events.

Again, thank you so much for the invitation, Rosalia!

- M


  1. The styling of this show looks very wearable. Outfit no 5 is my favourite one.


  2. yes, I appreciated the wearability too!