22 March 2013

Burberry Haul - Complete Eye Palette, Light Glow Blush, Lip Definer

After many months of self-restraint (and general laziness), I finally made a trip to the Burberry counter and came away with some loot. 

My objective on this trip to Burberry was to purchase Pale Barley Sheer Eyeshadow.  I often wondered why I hadn't purchased it before.  Upon swatching it, I was quickly reminded that it swatched too closely to any gold/bronze eyeshadow.  Because I'm partial to fresh-faced makeup, I don't typically reach for bronzey, mid-toned eyeshadows.  I decided to pass on Pale Barley once again because I realistically assessed the likelihood of using it versus the price tag.  Instead, I checked out the Complete Eye Palettes.  The two that I was interested in after having done some online research were Pink Taupe and Pale Nude.  Plum Pink was beautiful, but I didn't think I would use it enough on a day-to-day basis. 

I eventually decided on Pink Taupe because there two matte shades and two shimmery shades, whereas Pale Nude consisted of all shimmery shades.  I then swatched the golden brown shade from Pink Taupe side-by-side against Pale Barley and the difference was minute. So, in a sense, I still got what I went in there for.
Initial thoughts: Having used it a few times on my eyes now, I am still trying to figure out a foolproof eyeshadow look.  Ever since I purchased the Chanel Harmonie du Soir Quad (sadly limited edition), I absolutely love using that particular pink all over for an instant bright-eyed look.  (I also use MAC Soft Brown on the crease for some depth and warmth and MAC Mylar on my brow bone to softly highlight and smooth out the edge of Soft Brown.  Pair with L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse lipstick in Violet Chiffon, BAM, DONE.)  The pink shade in Pale Nudes swatched beautifully.  Unfortunately, when I used it on my eyes, it looked darker and more brown.  Perhaps a bright base underneath would lift its spirits.  I will try that next.

Since the pink shade, on its own, didn't give me the bright-eyed look I was looking for, I tried to use the top-corner gold shade, my Pale Barley dupe.  Many people simply use Pale Barley all over their lids for a simple, everyday look.  However, when I tried the gold shade all over on its own, again, I found it a bit too dark for my taste. 

That is not to say that this palette is anything less than magnificent.  If mid-tone neutral looks work for you, this is a wonderful palette to own.  In fact, I think this would be a wonderful option to achieve the gorgeous Burberry/Cara Delevingne look that we all want.  I just have to figure out how it will work best for me.

The next item of interest was the Light Glow Blush in Earthy.  It is a cult favourite in the beauty community, and I thought my ball of a face would benefit from some subtle sculpting.  Unfortunately, my bronzing days of yore were tragically misguided; I had basically assumed another ethnicity.  Ever since then, I have developed a repulsion to any face products in general.  Then again, I would say the main reason I don't use face products is because I don't like the feeling of having anything on my face.  I like to feel my skin, not sticky/powdery/gunky/anything else.  So, it really was the product of beauty addiction that I purchased this. 

Initial thoughts: It doesn't really show up on my face unless I pack it on.  It also may have to do with my warm bathroom lighting.  Or the brush I'm using (MAC 150).  Perhaps a dense brush would be better.

Because I am less than fashionable, I often get the Pretty Woman treatment from beauty counters.  Case in point, I went straight to the Lancome counter to purchase a face moisturizer.  The SA came up to me and asked if I needed help.  I replied, "Yes, I would like to buy this."  She responded, "It's $54."  And I said, "Yup, I would like to buy it."  She looked at me quizzically and said, "Okay."  My sweatpants and puffy vest probably gave me the appearance of a vagrant. 

I am very accustomed to getting the reverse-VIP treatment at beauty counters--that is, full-on surveillance to ensure that I don't have sticky hands.  Either that, or I get the silent treatment.  The SA's that do give me the time of day often try to push products on me that are completely the opposite of what I asked for.  Despite my low standards, I was thoroughly impressed with the girl who helped me at the Burberry counter.  She not only gave practical advice and showed me products that were within and out of my comfort zone, she also did so in a way that was not pushy and was relevant to my stated interests and needs. 

The Burberry SA then suggested I try the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base Primer.  I was skeptical at first because, again, I hate feeling anything on top of my skin.  However, when she told me that it could be used not only as a highlighter or a primer under foundation for a slightly dewy finish, but also on its own to even out the complextion, I was intrigued.  I am quite lucky as I have pretty fuss-free skin.  However, there are some pink blotches here and there that I could do without.  She didn't push me to buy it, but she pumped some into a container and insisted that I try it out. 

 Initial thoughts: As my skin is already quite shiny, I am not inclined to use any highlighting products.  I used some of the product on my red blotches, and did not perceive a significant difference (not that it's supposed to provide any coverage.  I was just curious how it would work, given the slight tint it had).  I then tried using it as an eye primer, but found some fading and slight creasing by the end of the day.  For the very few reasons that I would use it, I don't think I would personally use it to its full potential, so I don't think it will be something I will purchase.

The SA then provided me with a sample of their Lip Mists as well.
They are Burberry's offering of the sheer lipstick trend.  First world problem: it is very hard to use the product in that little hole of a square.  The product itself is quite dense: imagine a lipstick that was cut out and placed inside.  The little lip brush they provided wasn't able to pick up much of the product either.  Nevertheless, the product that I did manage to extract and apply on my lips, I liked.  
Initial thoughts: LOVING Blueberry.  It's a sheer, plum colour that mixes well with my natural dark-red lips to create a wearable vampy lip.  Texture-wise, it is smooth, but not slippery.  Note that I do wear my staple lip balm underneath. 

And finally, the gift with purchase: their Lip Definer in Dusty Rose.  This will be interesting to try.  It swatched kind of dry, so I'm not sure if I will like it, or whether it would apply over my lip balm. 

Phew!  The end.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I just done a burberry haul post on my blog! plz check it out!

  2. I saw that eye palette when I was last at the Burberry counter and thought it looked really pretty, but for some reason, their palettes just don't entice me the same way other brands' palettes do. Sorry you're having trouble getting Earthy to work on you. I hope it shows up better on you with a denser brush! If I had it, I'd probably use an angled blush brush with it, like the MAC 168, but that's just me. I also had a sample of that primer once, but it didn't even show up as a highlighter on me. I wish I would've tried it as a face primer before I chucked it, though! Great post :)

  3. I really like the look of the Dior Iridescent Leather palette, but I definitely don't need another palette right now, so I'm trying to stay away ;) I also like Chanel quads all the time, but I've never purchased one.

    I have quite a few RT brushes and they're amazing, especially for the price. I love their blush brush and I do use it for blush sometimes, but it is pretty big and a lot of people think it's too big for blush. It just depends on your preferences. I really love their multitasking brush too, but that one only comes in a set (can't remember which one). :)

  4. I am also invoking an eyeshadow palette ban on myself! The VIB sale is certainly challenging it hehe.

    Another reservation I have with the Real Technique brushes is that they are made of synthetic material, which seems to work better on cream products. So, I will probably heed your advice and go for the 168!