11 March 2013

Used Up Beauty Products / Empties #2

Last month, I did some major spring cleaning at home.  In the midst of reorganizing my bathroom, I noticed a crapload of samples and products that were less than half full.

I made it a goal to finish up all of these leftovers and get rid of the clutter, before I was allowed to open something new.

Ergo, my second empties post... (See my first empties post here).

This picture serves as a fair warning for a really long post, haha.

Estée Lauder palette
This isn't used up, but it's sooo old -- it's just not sanitary.
This may be my very first makeup palette.  I don't even know how old it is, but it was a GWP.  EL does the best GWPs.
It contains two Pure Color eyeshadows in 01 Pink Ice, and 63 Mocha Cup.  Pink Ice remains the only pink eyeshadow that doesn't make me look like I have pink eye.  Mocha Cup may be the origin of my taupe infactuation.
There's also two Pure Color long lasting lipsticks in 161 Pink Parfait and 183 Sugar Honey.  I played around with them when I was young, but never wore either out.
The Tender Blush in 102 Pink Kiss was my very first blush.  I used the crap out of it and actually made a significant dent in it.  Before I bought my first blush, I actually tried to look for Pink Kiss at EL counters and CCOs, but couldn't find it anywhere (probably discontinued).

Bioré nosestrips
HG. I use them once a week, as part of my Sunday routine.  Love them.
I've been using them since my teen years, and will continue to repurchase them.

Crest whitestrips
I bought a kit a while ago, and only used half of the strips.  I had stopped using them because my teeth were getting too sensitive.
I've been using them every other day, for maybe a week and a half now, and already see some results.  My teeth haven't been feeling any more sensitive than usual either.

Bioderma sensibio h2o micellar solution (my review)
HG. My makeup remover.  Also, use it to clean my face first thing in the morning, before I wash my face.

Gillette venus embrace shaver
I've been using this shaver for a few years.  Good blades (5).  Doesn't nick or scratch.  I think a disposable head lasts me about three months.

L'Oréal telescopic shocking extensions waterproof mascara (my review)
Shit.  Clumpy, spidery mess.  Used it once.  So bad that I can't even bear to finish it.
It was also a pain to remove, even with waterproof makeup remover.

L'Oréal voluminous hydrofuge waterproof mascara
Hated it, but bearable enough to finish it. Clumpy, but could work with it a bit.

Jo Malone wild bluebell cologne
I received this sample when I bought my JM Nectarine Blossom and Honey (my review).
Love the scent, but too delicate to last on me.  I enjoyed using this as a room spray for my bedroom.

Nuxe rêve de miel face and body ultra-rich cleansing gel
I got this as part of a Nuxe travel kit.  I think the kit was $15 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart and I had a $10 giftcard at the time.  I had been wanting to try out the brand, and plus, how could I pass up on a $5 kit.
This gel has a thick consistency, like actual honey.  It smells like milk and honey, too.  The scent is very strong, so beware if you're allergic to fragrance or if you don't like the smell of honey.  It is super moisturizing as it's tailored for dry and sensitive skin.  It's labelled as a face and body cleanser, so, I braved it on my face and it was pretty good.  No breakouts or freakouts.  It didn't moisturize my face, but didn't dry it out either.
This 30 mL tube lasted me almost two months (with daily usage), so the full size 400 mL will actually last forever, haha.
I won't be repurchasing this product.  I really enjoyed it while it lasted, but it seems like only beauty.com carries the full size ($28 USD), so that's a hassle.
Note that this contains SLS.

Nuxe rêve de miel hand and nail cream
This was also part of the Nuxe sampler kit.
When I first got this and saw that it was thick cream, I just tossed it aside.  I finally brought myself to use it, because I was trying to de-clutter, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It's super moisturizing, dries quick, and leaves no slimy film or grease.  This 15 mL tube lasted me a little over a month with heavy usage (I slapped it on whenever I washed my hands, after showering, and before bed).  It did wonders to my cuticles, which it better, if it's tailored for dry and damaged skin.  This also smells strongly of milk and honey.
I really liked this hand cream, and the full size 75 mL isn't too bad at $17 CAD.  It's cheaper than my beloved L'Occitane hand creams, but I feel like it may be too creamy for non-Winter months.  I may repurchase it next Winter.

Soap & Glory clean on me shower gel (my review)
I really enjoyed using it, but won't be repurchasing it.  It contains SLS and a shit-ton of parabens.
I loved the scent of it, but now, the smell just reminds me of the Soap & Glory Flake Away yellow shit (my review). Ugh.

Dermal aqua collagen essence mask
I think I'm allergic to it.  It gave me red blotches.
This will re-appear in a future sheet mask post.

Befine food skin care single serve gentle cleanser with sugar, mint, oats & rice
I got this in my August 2012 Canadian Glossybox (my review).
Super drying cleanser.  It had a very herby scent... not the good kind either.
It's paraben-free and supposedly contains vegetarian proteins.  Also claims to be natural (what the heck does that even mean nowadays), but has a shitload of alien-like ingredients.
I chuckled at "allergen free fragrance."  It's such BS.  It's no different than just labelling it "contains fragrance."  How would they know of the fragrances that irritate you?!

LUSH love lettuce fresh face mask (my review)
HG.  I think this was my 8th one.
I will continue to repurchase it.

Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes with white tea extract (my review)
I didn't like it.  It has a weird scent and leaves quite the film.

- M


  1. Well done on using everything up! Something so satisfying about it. I am currently using the Biotherma makeup remover, but find it doesn't take my eye makeup off that well. Do you have any recommendation on how to get off all mascara with it?

    1. Thanks, it is super satisfying lol.

      Is your mascara waterproof? Bioderma sucks with waterproof mascaras.
      My mascara isn't waterproof (my HG mascara is the Lash Blast Fusion in the water-resistant formulation).
      I soak up a cotton pad completely with Bioderma, press it against my eye for at least 30 seconds, and slide the pad off following my lashes. With this technique, all of my eyeshadow and mascara comes off easily and without any rubbing/tugging.

      I removed the two L'Oreal mascaras above with a Clinique eye makeup remover.