16 March 2013

Embryolisse Skincare On HauteLook Now (Sale Ends Sunday, March 17)!

Embryolisse is one of those skincare brands that is super coveted, thanks to Lisa Eldridge's blessings.

It is currently on sale right now on HauteLook! (The sale ends Sunday, March 17 at 8AM Pacific)
This is just a screenshot of three of the products.  There's quite a few more.

HauteLook is a members only flash sale website.  If you do not already have an account and wish to take advantage of the sale, please kindly purchase through my referral link:

Purchasing through my referral link will give me a $10 credit -- I will be very grateful of your generosity.

Please note that I am not affiliated with either Embryolisse or HauteLook.  This is not sponsored or by request of anyone.

- M

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