14 February 2012

M Can Shop Anywhere (Photo-Heavy)

I'm currently in Calgary, AB, Canada!

I flew over here on Friday, and over the weekend, the boy and I went to Banff.  I haven't been to Lake Louise and Banff since I was ~ 7 years old, and it is absolutely breathtaking-gorg!

There's really nothing to do here... and it's pretty cold out, with occasional mini snow blizzards, but obviously that's not going to stop me from shopping ;)
Also, 5% TAX - need I say more?

Anyway, enough chitterchatter, here's all the shit I bought:

Calgary tortures my hair with its hard water, so I figured I would try to get some of the shit out of my hair with this shampoo, that's supposed to strip your hair of chemicals with a sulfate-free formula.  I included the ingredients for those who may be skeptical of the "sulfate-free" claim.  (I've heard from other bloggers that it's not completely sulfate-free.)
My experience is that it really strips the hair of everything, not just chemicals?  My hair feels so dry and hay-like - UGH.
This was after conditioner, by the way...
I got this for $8.99 CAD at Shopper's Drug Mart.

SCUNCI Smooth and Shine Boar Bristle
It does what it says.  This gets shit done better than the L'OREAL shampoo. I got this for $14 CAD at Rexall.

My body is super quenched.  I got this for $12.99 CAD at Rexall.  It came with a bonus lip balm.  I'm not a fan of BB's lip balm, so I'm giving to the boy.

This is one my favs.  I got this at the Banff Lush store for $5.95 CAD.

REXALL Cosmetic Wedges & QUO Cosmetic Wedges
Essentials.  I love these ones because they're super fine sponges.  The only ones I can find at home have this pot scrubber rough texture.
I got the Rexall pack for $7.99 CAD, and three of the QUO packs for $3.49 CAD each.
(QUO is a Shopper's Drug Mart brand).

L'OCCITANE Apres-Shampooing Hair Conditioner
See my raves about this product here.
So happy to know that I can always find it again in Calgary!  According to the Sales Associate, it is not discontinued and it is the only product that's 100% natural.  I got this from L'OCCITANE for $22 CAD.
Oh, yea... and I'm an idiot... it's a rinse conditioner, not a leave-in...  I'm going to continue using it as a leave-in though, because it ain't broke.

I got this for $22 CAD at L'OCCITANE.  It's a limited edition product.  It has a very subtle sweet scent that doesn't burn my nostrils - I like.

L'OCCITANE Cherry Princess Hand Cream
I decided to try this as a fruity variation on my favourite Cherry Blossom scented hand cream from them.  According to the Sales Associate, Cherry Princess has a hint of grapefruit.  This was $12 CAD.

Awesome Sales Associate gave me these two samples:

And thennnnn, all hell broke loose.  I went to The Bay and beelined straight to Chanel.
Apparently I was just in time for another $10 off $50 beauty products event.
For anyone in the downtown Calgary area, The Bay's Chanel will be doing makeovers this Friday (Feb 17).
The Sales Lady gave me $10 off, and then gave me another $10 card that I can use later (valid until March) YAY!

I ended up repurchasing this one over the Laura Mercier one.  It has a smoother texture, and very little product is required to get the job done.  Also, the natural glow is fab.
Read my previous post on this product here.
The Sales Lady was explaining that this shade is definitely not something I would ever pick up, and damn, is she ever right.  She was explaining that all women have violet undertones within their lips, and urged me to try it on.  She won.
This raspberry is gorg.  It is so flattering on my naturally deep pink pigmented lips and lights up my whole face.
I did a single swipe swatch (left) and a normal application swatch (right).

The Sales Lady wouldn't let me go, but I got some samples, so I'm happy.

I was bad.  Very, very bad.  I splurged at Holt Renfrew...
I am in love.


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