22 February 2012

(London)Drugstore Sale!

I received a London Drugs flyer in the mailbox earlier this weekend, and they're having quite a few cosmetic sales!  Maybe cleaning up their inventory for fiscal?  I'm shooting the shit there, hahaha.

Canadians, GO!
Anyway, I trekked over because I wanted to check out the Physician's Formula wall, the Balm counter, swatch the L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm, and swatch the Marcelle and Garnier BB Creams.

The Balm selection is shit at London Drugs, but better than nothing.  I didn't see anything I wanted.

Physician's Formula is 40% off, so the entire wall was pretty much gone.  I was previously interested in the Happy Booster Glow & Mood Booster Blush in Natural
but not enough to pay $19.99 CAD regular (inflated) price.  I played with it today, and it's decent... but I just got my Tarte Amazonian in Dollface, so I resisted.

I swatched the Marcelle BB cream in the lighter version, and it was meh quality... thinner consistency than normal BB creams, just a bit more viscous than my water-based Dr. Jardt + one.  It blends and dries quickly, but acts more as a tinted moisturizer than a BB cream, as the colour stays the same and doesn't really blend to match skin tone... you kind of have to work at it.  I think it was selling for $17.99 CAD.

I swatched the Garnier BB cream in the lighter version and it was shitbricks.  That is all.

The entire L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm collection was completely sold out, except for two and five shade testers.  Amber has pretty good swatches.  I swatched Caring Coral and quite liked it.  I was going to get it along with something else to fill up the $20 so I can get a free Infallible Eye Shadow ($9.99 CAD), but too bad so sad.  It's probably for the better anyway.  I don't have enough lips for all of my lip balms and lipsticks.    (Though, I should.)  Plus, I've been just working my Nivea Hydro Care to the bone this winter.
These Colour Riche Balms were made to compete with the overhyped Lip Butters, and in my books, I prefer these guys.  They seem more moisturizing and actually remind me of my YSL but less pigmented.  They're also $2 cheaper than the Lip Butters.  It is important to note that if you want something with more pigmentation, these are not for you.  They're very sheer.

Anyway, this is what I did pick up:

Some weirdass That 70s Show reminiscent version of CC Lash Blash.
Got this Physician's Formula eye lash serum to be nice to my lashes.
They've been feeling a bit brittle lately because of my lack of sleep and the cold wind.

Some $4.89 CAD Ardell Lampchops style lashes to play with later.
It  was marked down to $12.49 CAD from $24.99 CAD, so I figured I'll give it a go.
 For those who want to read the ingredients or packaging.

Click to enlarge!


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