8 February 2012

Clarisonic Dupe

GASP.  Dare I anger the masses?

When Clarisonic first introduced their scubber thing, I scoffed at it... because, well... this:
Am I right?!

Oh right, and that $200 price tag on it.

When people starting raving about it, and replaced "Oh, I just use my face towel in the shower" with "I just use my Clarisonic in the shower, don't you?!"... then, the inner Sherlock came out.

When Olay came out with their version of an automatic cleansing brush, I figured why not give it a try at a fraction of the price?

OLAY Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

The starting kit is $26 USD at Walmart!!!!!
It comes with the brush, a brush head refill, and a tube of the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser that is part of the same Pro-X line.
When I bought the product at Target, they were having a promotion for buying any two Olay products.  I got a $10 Target giftcard for buying the starter's kit and another brush head refill, so I basically got the refill for free.

As you can see, the size and shape of it is similar to Mia 2.  The first button is the power button, and the second is the speed button.  It has two speeds.  I find the top speed to be a little intense, so I usually just use the low speed.

The brush head isn't as sophisticated as the Clarisonic, but it is good enough.  Also, it doesn't look like a garbage garburator, like the Clarisonic.  The Olay bristles are very soft and are gentle enough for my sensitive, thin skin.

Unlike the Clarisonic, it is battery operated and does not come with a pouch.  But, really, for 10% of the price, I can buy the batteries and find a makeup bag for it.
I keep this in this stand that I got from Forever 21, where my makeup brushes are placed.
As for batteries, it really doesn't matter, because I wouldn't use it in the shower and I've found the battery life to be great.  I've had this for a year now, and have yet to replace the stock batteries.

I use it every two weeks, and usually after a Biore nose strip.  I like using it with Philosophy Purity as the cleanser.  Afterwards, my skin is feels so clean and glistens for a week.

I leave you with this...

How do you deal with your case of dirty face?
Whichever method it may be, do your partner a favour and clean up that dirty face for Valentine's Day!



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