9 January 2012

M's Nighttime... DAYTIME!

My original title was "Shit M puts on her face" but figured I should at least attempt to come up with a better one. I was reminded of this ridiculous thing my friend does:

Yea, I know... wtf, right?


To give you some context to my skin...
It's got attitude.  It's sensitive/combination/hormonal acne prone.
When I say it's sensitive, I mean really sensitive.  Part of this reason is because it's super thin.  There are many sensitive-specific and self-proclaiming gentle products (both department and drugstore) that I cannot use as a result of this.  You're not sold that I have stupid sensitive skin... Ok, imagine having deep red/purple blotchy skin coming out of the shower... not from the heat, but from the water... yea.
The combination part is quite typical of the mould.  Except for the forehead area just above and in between my eyebrows, my T-zone is oily.
Hormonal acne... ugh.  I shouldn't complain too much about it, but I always know when the time is coming when I welcome a bright red pimple shoves itself into the picture.  Also, chocolate, chips and other fried goodness highly invite acne for me.



PHILOSOPHY purity (24 oz)
It comes out of the bottle like a watery lotion.  I have a big face, so I use about a quarter coin sized amount.  There's no bubbles or froth, unlike other facial cleanser products I've used in the past.  You just smooth it over your face and rinse off.  I keep this in the shower, and use it at night.  It also acts as a makeup remover.
If your skin is as sensitive as mine, I would highly recommend this.  It broke me out the first two times I used it, but has been absolute heaven afterwards.  I think it was getting all the deepass shit out of my pores.
Repurchase?  YES.  A HG for me. It's fucking expensive, but lasts forever.  (I've tried going back to my Olay Deep Cleansing Witch Hazel face wash, but failed so badly, because I've become too snobby).  I bought this 24oz Purity from Sephora.com for $42 CAD.

CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturizing gel (125mL)
It has a fucking long name.  They could just call it "Gel" for all I care, cuz that's all I look for when I pick it up.  (Note:  there's also a lotion one).  I've been using this lotion for more than 10 years, as it is the only lotion I know that doesn't make my face throw a tantrum at me.  It is definitely a gel, and is definitely the perfect moisture amount for me.  I dot my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin with one pump each (about the size of a pea), and spread it around.  The product fully seeps into my skin within two minutes, and my face is smooth to the touch.  I hate products that leave your face feeling like there's a film or oil, cuz 1) you feel like a butterface and 2) you're just asking for shit to stick onto your skin.  I put this on after coming out of the shower.  It calms my post-shower blotchy red face (as mentioned previously).
Because it's a water-based gel, it's very easy to use the product completely up, without leaving anything inside the packaging.  I use the pump until I can't get any more product through it anymore, then I just keep the bottle upside down whenever I set it down.  All of the gel will slide right down to the bottleneck.
Repurchase?  Duh, yes.  No other product is more HG than this one.  I have maybe 3 bottles in reservoir.  I get mine from The Bay for $24.50 CAD whenever Clinique is giving out free sample kits (early September is one of the times during the year).

BURT'S BEES natural acne solutions (7.5mL/0.26 fl oz)
It directs you to use it in the morning and night after cleansing--DONT.  Only use this at night when you're definitely not going out until the day after, because it smells like shit.  Even washing your hands with soap won't get rid of the smell.  The smell is so revolting, but the product works amazing.  It's a spot treatment acne product.  I basically use my finger to dap it onto the pimple and just around it.  Don't use a cotton swab, because it'll just be a waste of product.  The skin soaks up the product immediately with 0.75% of Salicyclic Acid.  If I use this, a fresh pimple will disappear within 2 days with no dark marks or scarring (unlike a lot of other acne spot solutions that end up drying the shit out of the pimple and leave you with a dark mark).
Repurchase?  Yes, until I find one that does the same stuff without the odour.  I get mine for $9.99 USD at Walmart.

NIVEA aqua sensation eye creme (14g/0.5 oz)
I've tried the Bobbi Brown one that everyone raves about... and thank goodness I didn't buy a full sized to try, because this one kicks its ass, without burning holes in your wallet.  I wouldn't exactly call this a cream, as it is more of a slight more moisturizing eye lotion.  It hydrates my eyes without leaving any oily residue or film.  I put it underneath my eyes on my eyebags and on my eyelids before I go to bed.
Repurchase?  Probably.  I got mine from London Drugs when it was on sale for $10 CAD (I think).


CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturizing gel (125mL)
(I'm lazy and it's stupid to copy & paste the same shit within the blog... so, stroll up to see my rambles about it)
I use this right after I brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning, too.

L-R:  Almay foundation (160 naked), Chanel concealer (20), Laura Mercier concealer (wheat)

ALMAY clear complexion makeup - 160 naked (30mL/1 fl oz)
On the bottle, it says that it "clears blemishes" (with 0.6% Salicylic Acid) and is for oily skin.  I'm not sure if it clears blemishes, but it doesn't break me out nor dry my skin, so good enough.  It's a foundation, but I use it as a concealer during the summer.
Repurchase?  Yes.  I've been using it since I started using makeup.  I buy mine from London Drugs or Superstore whenever it goes on sale.  It's usually around $10-12 CAD.

CHANEL correcteur perfection long lasting concealer - 20 (7.5mL/0.26 oz)
I bought this in April 2011.  It has very good coverage and doesn't look dry.  I use foundation or powder on top, and it looks unnoticeable.  I tab it with the wand, and then blend with a triangle sponge.
Repurchase?  I'm not quite sure yet.  It's a good product, good for both winter and summer, but so fucking expensive.  $40 USD for this tiny tube is fuckrageous!  In my last post, I said that the Laura Mercier one is a dupe, but I'm like gahhh, is it really, because I love this one.  It's undetermined at the moment.  Fuck you, Chanel!  (See my previous vegas haul post on the Laura Mercier).

TARTE amazonian clay 12-hour blush - dollface (5.6g/0.2oz)
(see my vegas haul post on this).

COVERGIRL lash blast fusion - water resistant black-brown (13.1mL/0.44 fl oz)
(not in photo).
Everyone seems to hate this mascara, but it's my HG mascara.  I have the typical sparse stick-straight short lashes.  I also have oily eyelid creases.  This mascara gives the illusion that I actually have eyelashes with a slight curl that looks like it's natural, as if I'm not wearing any mascara at all.  Everyone hates this product, saying that it's not water resistant at all, but I think it is.  I've chickflick balled my eyes out with this product on, and I end up walking out of the theatre without any runs everytime.  It's also super long lasting without any flaking specks or panda eyes underneath my eyes.
Repurchase?  YES.  HG mascara.  I've tried sooo many expensive ones from Dior, YSL, Buxom, etc., but always reach for this one as my trusty one.  I get mine from Walmart for $7.99 USD.

YSL dessin des sourcils - 2 dark brown (0.04 oz/1.3g)
(not in photo).
I LOVE THIS EYEBROW PENCIL.  Sooo, I have no eyebrows.  Without makeup, the ends of my eyebrows are crazy sparse.  I also have very thin hairs, so they barely show.  I use this pencil to fill in my eyebrow, and then use the brush end to make it look very natural.  The formula is very smooth and soft.  It also lasts all day without reapplication.
Repurchase?  YES.  HG eyebrow.  This is my first one.  I bought it at Sephora when I was in Vegas in August 2010 for $28 USD.  I'm not even half way through yet!

ECOTOOLS blush brush
I use this as a regular blush brush, yes...  BUT, I also brush it all over my face (with no blush on it, of course) to smooth out any concealer areas.  It's quite dense and is super soft.  It's softer than any other brush I've fondled.  What I really like about it is it was just as soft after I washed it for the first time.  Sometimes, there are very slight changes in texture after the first wash... maybe it's something manufacturers coat on them?  I bought mine last year at London Drugs when it went on sale for $5something CAD, and it still looks brand new with the exact same shape and texture.  (Yea, yea, I know it's only been a year... non-shitty brushes shouldn't show any changes until much later.)
Repurchase?  When this one dies, yea.  I don't see it dying for a while though.


That pretty much finalizes all the shit I put on my face on a daily and nightly basis.  There's two other products that I use... but occasionally--Olay exfoliating brush and BB cream.  Those two products deserve their own spotlight posts... coming soon.

Sorry, there are so many words and so little makeup porn for your eyes... I figured I'd wipe up some of R's nail polish jizz with slaps of words... kidding... ish.  I'm just too lazy to take ghetto pictures of everything individually.  Plus, this post would be way fucking longer than it is already!

- M

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