29 January 2012

Jack Who?

Hi!  It's me, R!

So, I have been waiting for Chanel's Spring 2012 line to hit Canadian counters ever since the blogs were inundated with Spring's beauty offerings.  

I actually did not want anything for myself as nothing really interested me enough to motivate me to loosen up the purse strings.  However, I really wanted to get the Rouge Coco Lip Balm for my mom.  She is the reason that I live, so she deserves a ridiculously priced lip balm. 

Here it is in its much higher price and much less product glory:

 Here it is half-naked.
I have a Rouge Coco Shine in #59 Elise, and I really like the feel of it on my lips.  I know it hasn't garnered much excitement or support from the beauty community, especially given its high price tag, but it's a nice little luxury item.  Anyway, I figured my mom would enjoy it, and she does!  Do I feel it's crazy to pay $39 (not including taxes) for a frickin' lip balm?  Um, yes.  Would I buy this for myself?  Hellllls naw.  But would I pay $200 for a lip balm if I knew my mom would enjoy it?  You betcha bottom dollar, Annie.  

This.  Is what I use.
I got this lip balm for a few HKD when I was in Hong Kong.  Here it is on an Sasa.com.  It comes in a variety of 'flavours' but the products themselves are white in colour and transparent when applied.  Note: there is no rhyme or reason to the following picture.   
I've tried Apple (pictured above), Green Apple, Lychee, Blackcurrant, and Lemon so far.  My favourites are Apple and Blackcurrant.  They are labelled "Mentholatum," so they give your lips a minty-fresh (but not overpoweringly so) feeling.  They smell wonderful and are tasteless.  They are by far the best lip balms I have ever used.  I especially love how they glide on and the fact that they don't dry out my lips or cause them to flake/peel (Gross, I know, but I'm looking at you, Softlips and Burt's Bees.  Hard.)  They wear very comfortably and is not as waxy as Chapstick.  Furthermore, they have SPF 15, so they offer some protection to your lips.  If you can get your hands on these in a store that sells Asian products, I highly recommend that you try them out.  

Now, don't be bringing out your pitchforks and flaming torches, but...I am not a fan of the Jack Black Lip Balm.  There.  I said it.  I've never heard a bad thing about it.  The only thing that came close to a slightly negative review was from KarlaSugar.  I know it tops almost everyone's list of favourite lip balms/products, including that of Temptalia.  Despite this, I find it too thick and goopy to apply evenly on the lips, and rather than feeling moisturized, my lips are screaming for the gunk to be bulldozed off of them.  Like nao.  Because of this, I had mostly used it prior to sleeping.  But I've even stopped this exercise because I would find my lips suffering the Softlips/Burt's Bees effects.  

Simply put: Lip Ice is R's Holy Grail lip balm.


- R.

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