7 November 2013

Used Up Beauty Products / Empties #6

It's only been a month since my last empties post... dang, I'm going through products like mad!
Definitely continuing to plow through my samples.

Bioré nosestrips
The nosestrips are HG. I usually use them once a week, as part of my Sunday routine.  I've been busier nowadays, so I just try to use them whenever I have the time to.  Love them.
I've been using them since my teen years, and will continue to repurchase them.

My Beauty Diary (hyaluronic acid) sheet mask
This hyaluronic acid one is good as the weather is getting very cold.
I did a full post dedicated to sheet masks.

Gillette venus embrace shaver
Good blades (5).  Doesn't nick or scratch; glides well.

Bioderma sensibio h2o micellar solution (my review)
HG. My makeup remover.  Also, use it to clean my face first thing in the morning, before I wash my face.

Up & Up exfoliating cotton rounds (100 count)
I bought these because Ingrid/Missglamorazzi included these in one of her monthly favourites videos (I don't remember which one, but it was earlier in the year).  I hate them.
The cotton is loose, so it sheds all over my face and fingers.
The exfoliating bits are essentially raised bumps on one side of the cotton pad.  They're are way too stiff and rough to use around my eyes.
They're small, so I end up using 3-4.

La Roche Posay effaclar duo
This is a cult product, but I don't love it as much anymore since their reformulation a year (2 years?) ago.  I was just using it up, as my night moisturizer.  This was my final back up.

La Roche Posay effaclar a.i. (review here)
My HG acne product.  If you like the effaclar duo, this one will blow your mind.  It's basically the crazy ass, beefed-up version of effaclar duo.  It's a spot treatment that works great on both visible spots and spots in the making (even those under the skin volcanoes).  If I feel like a spot is coming, I will generously apply to the area and it will be gone in the morning.  Likewise, if I have an active volcanic spot, I will generously apply to it and the area around it, and it will be gone (or significantly reduced) in the morning.  It dries quickly and matte.
It's a tiny 15mL tube, but it lasts for ages.  This one lasted me almost nine months.

Philosophy purity made simple (an old review here)
I've been using this for a few years now, and it's been great as an in-shower makeup remover and face cleanser.  I've had these two little travel bottles laying around for a bit (I usually refill them for travel), but since I won't be buying this face cleanser anymore, I had figured I'd finish up whatever is left in them and toss them out.
I'm aware that its ingredients aren't quite true to its name, so I'm just finishing up my 14.5oz backup bottle right now.  The non-pure ingredients are unfortunate, because I love the creamy texture and it doesn't leave my skin tight or stripped.

Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets
This is the grapefruit scented one.
I love these plastic C&C ones over the flimsy powdery paper ones.

Jo Malone nectarine blossom & honey cologne sample (review here)
I love this scent -- I have the 30mL bottle of it, and love mixing it all of my other JM colognes.

Algenist with alguronic acid multi-perfecting pore corrector gel moisturizer
I think this sample came from a Nordstrom order.
It had a very nice light scent that was very enjoyable -- my fragrance sensitive skin didn't mind it.
It was very light and almost gel-like.  Apparently, it's an oil-free product.  It blended into the skin easily and quickly.  It was a nice product, but I'm not really looking for a new day moisturizer.  Also, I'm not sure how it can correct pores.

Sisley eye contour mask
This sample came from a Nordstrom order.
This product claims to reduce fine lines and puffiness.  I kept this in refrigerator, so it felt awesome on application.  It was a very thick translucent gel with a slight green tint.  It didn't really absorb into the skin at all... but I did notice reduced puffiness (that could just be from the coldness though).

Blue Lagoon Iceland rich nourishing cream
This sample came from a Nordstrom order.
As a disclaimer, I will note that I am not a big fan of face creams in general (I like lotions and gels).
It was way too fragrant for my sensitive skin's liking, and was very thick.

Fresh lotus youth preserve face cream
Again, a disclaimer that I'm not a big fan of face creams.
I found this to have an odd scent -- can't really pinpoint on what it is.
This is a very thick cream... so, I didn't enjoy it.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
I've had this eyelash curler for yearsssssssss, and for the last 1.5 years, it'd just been collecting dust.  There was no way in hell I was going to risk pink eye, but I didn't want to toss it out either... anyway, the nostalgia needs to pass, and I'm saying goodbye.  I am definitely going to repurchase it though -- It does wonders to my non-existent lashes!  I think it was $19 CAD when I bought it...
This is quite the cult eye lash curler... Shiseido is well loved in the beauty community cult too, but I haven't tried it.  Based on R's comparison of the two curlers, I think I'll just stick with Shu.

Elizabeth Arden mascara
It was meh... nothing special, and definitely not better than drugstore mascaras.

Benefit they're real mascara (review here)
I enjoyed it for maybe 5-6 wears, before it went super clumpy and dry.

Physician's Formula eye booster eyelash enhancer
This is supposed to provide vitamins and supplements to eyelashes to encourage growth.  I didn't notice any significant growth...

Sephora brow tint in dark
This is ancient... It's an awesome brow tint that lasts forever and doesn't dry out.
It has a flexible felt tip (similar to a liquid eyeliner tip).

Maybelline the rocket mascara in black
This was pretty awesome.  It's a non-waterproof mascara that is almost impossible to remove.
I did find that it wasn't great at separation, which is why I won't be repurchasing.
It was super cheap when I bought it (I think $5 CAD?) because it had just been released and was on promotion.

Dove damage therapy daily moisture shampoo
I love this shampoo!  My HG -- the exact amount of moisture for daily shampooing (as in its name), no build up, no crazy slip, no dry out.

Johnson's baby wipes
I bought this when I was in Shanghai and Taiwan last November.  I love baby wipes because they're almost always fragrance-free and contain less ingredients.
This package has a fragrance, so I don't use it as a makeup wipe.
I've been using it as a feminine wipe.

Again, always so satisfying to use up products... especially since I'm such a hoarder.

What have you finished lately?

- M


  1. snaps and claps for getting all these done! i love mbd masks! and live by the clean and clear blotting papers. i stocked up on those when i was in asia. they were only $2.50 each there!! its so expensive here

    also, have you thought of just sterilizing your curlers...boil water and drop them in for a while and give then a good rub with some rubbing alcohol.


    A Beautiful Zen

  2. same! all of my clean & clear sheets are from asia ;) the mbd masks are from my trip to taipei last dec... i bought 4 boxes from 7-11 lol

    yea, i've thought about disinfecting the curlers, but i was out of the cushions anyway

  3. i heard the shiseido pads work in the shu curler. i think you can pick up extra shiseido pads from sephora or holts. check it out!

  4. ohhh interesting... i shall check it out thanks!