14 November 2013

REVIEW: Tom Ford Lip Color in 01 Spanish Pink

My heart went major pitter-patter when I saw Tom Ford at the Chicago Premium Outlets' CCO in early October (haul post).

TF Spanish Pink is one of those cult favourites that is highly coveted.  The sales associate could barely pry it out of my hands so she could ring it through the cash register.

My preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

The long list of ingredients:

The bullet, in all of its glory.  (I may have awaken Freud)

And finally the swatch.

Peachy-pink.  It comes off as a peachy nude on my light mauve pigmented lips.

Cream; rich

Light vanilla

$49 US at Nordstrom.  I got it for $34.50 US at CCO.

The colour payoff and pigmentation is great.  It's super rich and creamy on the lips.  The vanilla scent is nice but not sickening.  BUT, there's no need to sweep the beauty aisles for this.
There is no way I'd pay $50 for a lipstick, no matter how beautiful it is... with that being said, $35 is mighty close to $40, and that is just ridiculous.
Sabrina (The Beauty Look Book) wrote a post on some TF pinky nudes, which included awesome swatches of Spanish Pink against TF's other pinks and nudes.  I would recommend checking it out for some makeup porn, even if you're not willing to shell out cash for TF.
Lily (Lily Pebbles/What I Wore Today) compared Spanish Pink to Rimmel Notting Hill Nude as a plausible dupe in a post.



  1. love peachy nudes! lol i'm glad you got it for a bit cheaper. i think the most expensive lipstick i bought was a Guerlaine Rouge G which was $52? but even then, i got it 'free' with my shoppers points. pretty sure i woudln't have bought that on a regular day. not that baller.

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. daaaaaang $52... I only just started collecting shoppers points within the last year... i may have had an old card eons ago, but who knows where that's gone. i think i have close to $30 worth of points now -- how do you even redeem them? do you just tell the cashier during your purchase?

  3. yup you just say you want to use your points. i only ever buy things when its 20x the points or better lik 18,500 pts when you spend $50 or whatever. its only worth it then. i worked it out...if you wait for 20x the points AND you get to the highest point level AND you have a $220 spend your points event, its /almost/ like you saved 30% on all the purchases you made. sort of worth it. sort of not.

  4. yea, i barely buy from shoppers... mostly because it's usually at a higher price point than other stores like superstore or london drugs. most of my points are from 20x the point events when bioderma happens to be on sale too, haha.

    and honestly, 90% of my drugstore bits are from the states lol. it's a quick drive for me... where i'll save min. $2-3 PER ITEM, and i can stack the coupons.