15 October 2013

Tom Ford - 01 In The Pink (Limited Edition)

I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.

Ok, let's get through all of the gorgeous packaging first.  You ready for this?

suede slip, rather than the typical velvet
bottom of the palette
Its ingredients:

Now comes the absolute beauty...

This was definitely on my wishlist prior to going to Hawaii.  All of the countless reviews and swatches by bloggers were making me salivate.

I saw the Tom Ford counter inside the T Galleria in Waikiki, swatched the palette, and happily paid $60 (duty free, tax free)!

Left Shadow:
Light peachy nude.  Matte.

Middle Shadow:
Satin peach.  Very fine shimmer.

Right Shadow:
Peachy sparkle.  Bigger glitter particles.

All were soft and not chalky.  They weren't Urban-Decay-buttery (yea, it's an adjective), but definitely smooth and very fine.

No duds/rejects in this trio.  I love all three colours, and they look great together.
I'm not a fan of pink eye shadows... pink + hooded eyes = pink eye
but, this trio leans more peach than pink, and is more muted, which ends up being very flattering.
Go pick it up quick -- It's limited edition.

- M


  1. getting this duty and tax free is a major score! the colors look nice and work together

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. no buyer's remorse with this purchase!