8 October 2013

REVIEW -- Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

The famous hot cloth cleansing balm that was circulating the UK beauty bloggers/YouTubers community a year ago.

comes with a cloth

I managed to find it at a Target in Chicago in March.  I was so excited to find it, that I had forgotten the bloggers/YouTubers had mentioned that it was reformulated and actually sucks now...

Scent:  Very light citrus herbal
Texture:  Balmy; thick; greasy

How I used it:
You're supposed to use this on dry skin.  I took a small amount and rubbed it in between my palms.  I massaged it over my face after I had removed makeup (as a double cleanse).  Then, I ran the enclosed cloth under hot water, squeeze out the water, and use the cloth to wipe off the balm from my face.

Verdict:  I hated it so much.  My skin didn't feel any cleaner or better.  It just made my skin feel clogged and sticky.  After a few hours, my face was secreting oil like crazy.
I've only used this product maybe five times, but just going straight into the garbage.  I cannot even pass this on to a friend -- it's that horrible.

- M


  1. Eww your face was secreting oil?? How does that even happen!

  2. Exactly! My face was just a pool of oil... I'd use oil blotting sheets and it'd be oily again immediately. My skin was freaking out big time!

  3. I have this cleansing balm too but my results weren't as bad as yours. It definitely doesn't rinse off very good so I have to use an extra soapy cleanser after :T