30 April 2013

Japonesque 9-Pocket Brush Case

When I was away for 4 weeks, I felt like my Real Techniques brush holder (came with my Core Collection) wasn't quite cutting it... so, I picked up this Japonesque 9-pocket brush holder at the local Ulta for $13 USD.

The brush holder is a tri-fold envelope with velcro closure.
The main reason why the RT brush holder wasn't cutting it for me was because it didn't have any sort of protective overlap over the brush tops when closed -- You never know how clean is a hotel, and plus, who knows how close hotel housekeeping is to your brushes!
If you're like me and only uses/travels with 3-4 brushes, then this brush holder is perfect for you.

  • lightweight
  • folds to a small, flat clutch size
  • easy to clean vinyl
  • room for 9 brushes (I put my eyeliners and eyebrow pencils in them too!)
  • big zipped pocket (for mascara, bobby pins, hair ties, etc.)

I'm loving this brush holder... and what a steal at $13!

- M

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