12 April 2013

Burberry Body Eau de parfum

I know that perfume aficiandos such as The Non-Blonde and Katie Puckrik (not to mention, the Daisy-obsessed M) do not approve of this scent. Their criticism is understandable: mainstream, simple, generic, overly soapy-clean, and geared towards olfactorally (yes, my word-creation) inexperienced teenagers. But gosh darn it, I like it.

When I first sniffed this scent a couple of years ago, I was, quite frankly, repulsed.  Ironically, I thought it smelled like an over-done old lady trying to feel young.  Who knew that it would only take two years for me to become that old lady?

And then a month ago, upon strolling down the perfume aisles of Sephora, I spritzed it on my wrist on a whim.  Even then I was not interested.  My poor Nike Fuelband caught the bulk of it.  As I continued on, however, I would catch a whiff and think, "Ooh what's that smell?  I like it!"  I realized it was the very scent that I thought I despised!  Because the Fuelband still retained some of the perfume, I smelled it for days and my fondness for it grew.  Since I had a good amount of points at my local department store to spend on the perfume, and there was a minimum purchase discount (which brought my savings to a total of 40 dollars), I decided to go for it.

It's such a lovely, warm, cozy scent.  I love spritzing it on after a shower.  It doesn't singe my nose with alcohol, which most perfumes tend to do, and it dries down to a lovely sweet musky vanilla scent.  Come to think of it, it reminds me of the MJ Daisy dry-down, which is my favourite part of that perfume (as opposed to the initial pungent burst of citrusy floral or whatever it is.)  I can't make out any of the notes, but the Burberry website lists the following as some of the notes: peach, freesia, iris, rose, green absinthe. 

The reason why I understand criticisms of Burberry Body is because it's inoffensive.  Perfume conoisseurs tend to be partial to aggressive, musky scents as if to convey to you that they have unique, complex, non-generic tastes in perfume.  But Burberry Body is not challenging you to dislike it, nor is it trying to get your attention.  It's laid-back, warm, and fuzzy because that's exactly the feeling that I get from fresh laundry!  No wonder why I love spritzing it on after a shower.  Therefore, I must agree with Katie Puckrik's assessment that it smells like laundry detergent, even though she didn`t mean it in a positive way!
In all its crystal phallic glory.

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