1 August 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Haul

This past week, London Drugs was having a promotion where all Revlon lipsticks were marked down to $3.99 CAD.  At first, I picked up the two that I've been eyeing for a while:  450 Gentlemen Prefer Pink & 628 Peach Me.  Both are in the pearl finish.  I loved them so much that I went back and got 668 Primrose, & 415 Pink In The Afternoon.  The latter two are in the crème finish.
Peach Me (above) & Gentlemen Prefer Pink (below)
Pink In The Afternoon (above) & Primrose (below)
Peach Me looks orange-peach when swatched on my arm, but when applied to my super pigmented lips, it looks like a smoky neutral peach.

I love the name, Gentlemen Prefer Pink.  It's a nice semi-blue-toned pink.  Even though it's a slightly cooler pink, it's very flattering against my warm-toned skin.

Pink In The Afternoon is a great warm pink.  It is my perfect my lips but better shade - it amplifies my natural lip shade (yea, my lips are that pigmented).

Primrose is supposedly a very popular blogosphere/youtube world shade, as it's argued to be a dupe for MAC Lazy Day and MAC Angel.  It is a cool-toned, semi lavender, semi light mauve pink.

All are perfect for everyday wear and very suitable for the office (as expected for anything I own).

As you may notice in my swatches, the pearl finish (Peach Me & Gentlemen Prefer Pink) is more moisturizing and more "wet" looking.  My lips tend to get dry so the pearl finish is definitely the easier of the two finishes to apply.  The crème finish tends to drag just a smidge when I'm applying it.  As you can see from my swatches above, the crème finish (Pink In The Afternoon & Primrose) is a satin finish that leans very closely to an almost matte.  It's a good way of appearing to wear a matte lip, without the hassle of a matte finish lipstick.

Revlon's lipsticks may the best drugstore lipsticks out there.  The pigmentation and colour payoff on my lips is amazing. I love the finish of them on my lips.  Additionally, they're moisturizing and wear pretty good.  When I first apply it to my lips, it looks a little meh, but after warming up on my lips, the colour and finish softens up and looks incredible.

- M

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