12 August 2012

NYX Bohemian Chic palette

I had a $10 gift card to London Drugs from one of their previous deals (buy any two Neutrogena/Aveeno Suncare and receive a $10 gift card), and went scouting for some beauty crap to buy.

I noticed that NYX now carries matte eye shadows (OMG, they're amazing and complete dupes of MAC's browns, at less than half the price of MAC).  I was going to pick up two different browns (at $8 CAD each), but then saw the Bohemian Chic palette ($20 CAD).
There are 24 eye shadows and 2 matte blushes.
I've been using this palette for almost two weeks now, and I love it.  The eye shadows that on the bottom (on the same deck as the blushes) seem random and out of place in comparison to the top deck neutrals, but I don't mind this cuz they're really flattering colours against the neutrals.  My UD Naked and Chanel Prelude are my ultimate go-to travel palettes, but I think this NYX one is a great travel palette for when I want to bring a little teeny bit of definitive colour on a trip.  It's also travel-friendly to have a pinky coral and a peachy nude blush included within the palette.  I actually found the pinky coral comparable to my Tarte Blissful!

- M

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