16 August 2012

A Sensitive Skin's Line-up of Make Up Wipes (Equate, Yes to Cucumbers, Ponds, Burt's Bees, random Asian brands)

As a hot and humid day goes on, my face and hands tend to get sticky or mucky, and there's no clean washroom in sight.  Or, sometimes at the end of a day, I get too lazy to do a full make up removal and cleanse.  These are times when make up wipes come in handy.

As someone who has super sensitive skin beyond belief, I've had my fair share of make up wipe brands.  Hopefully, this post will help someone out there in their choices.

Equate (Walmart brand)
  • Yes, I'm aware that this is a feminine wipe, but this just means less chemicals and other crap
  • super cheap $2-3 USD for 42 wipes
  • very wet
  • large sheets
  • no film after use
  • baby powder scent
Burt's Bees
  • 99.1% natural
  • $5.99 USD (Target USA or Walmart USA) / $9.99 CAD (anywhere in Canada) for 30 wipes
  • kinda dry - deal breaker
  • regular sized sheets
  • film after use - deal breaker
  • herbally-floral scent because it contains white tea extract - I'm not a fan
Yes to Cucumbers
  • 98% natural
  • $5.99 USD / $9.99 CAD for 30 wipes
  • wet but dries very quickly - dealbreaker
  • medium sheets
  • slight film after use
  • strong cucumber scent - I'm meh about it
Pond's Morning Refresh with Citrus and Cucumbers
  • $5-6 USD / $9.99 CAD for 30 wipes (sometimes, 60 wipes if it's a double pack promotion)
  • very wet
  • "exfoliating" bumps on wipe - love them! they are super gentle and actually help "scrub" off makeup rather than exfoliate
  • large sheets
  • no film after use
  • strong citrus scent - love it!
Random cute brands of baby wipes I bought from Watson's Hong Kong
(this is one that I picked out, but this is inclusive of all Asian baby wipes)
  • don't remember price but super cheap since it's from Asia
  • wet
  • large sheets
  • no film after use
  • no scent

Evidently, my preferences are:
1. random Asian branded baby wipes
2. Pond's Citrus
3. Equate feminine wipes

- M


  1. As per your recommendation, I decided to try the Pond's Cleansing and Exfoliating Towelettes after you claimed "no film after use"! This is the BIGGEST appeal for me since every wipe I've used had a weird film that I thought was normal of all wipes. Thus, keeping the habit of wearing makeup to bed (rather have eye makeup on than weird filmy stuff). Lo and behold, NO film! This is a Godsend. Got it for $6.76 at Walmart Canada.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I'm just finishing up all my make up wipes now, as I've completed converted to the Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution. Almost all days, I use the Bioderma for complete make up removal, but on days when I'm wearing more make up than usual or if I'm wearing sun screen on my face, I like to use a make up wipe first. Have you tried the Bioderma Micellar Solution?

  2. I have not. Since I normally only wear eye makeup, I just use eye makeup remover. Is there a Practically Frugal review for the Bioderma, M?

    1. Yup, see my review of it here: http://weare-practically-frugal.blogspot.ca/2012/06/bioderma-sensibio-h2o-solution.html

  3. oh M and R!!! i didn't realize it was you commenting on my video. :) this is very helpful as i was curious about the yes to cucumbers wipes (almost bought them on several occasions). i will definitely check out the pond's wipes in november when my beauty ban expires haha.

    1. Haha yea, this blog is shared between my friend, R, and I. I watch my subscriptions through my personal youtube account :) If you buy the Pond's wipes in Canada, get them from Walmart. The above commenter found them for under $7. I've found most drugstores and supermarkets selling them at $10!