11 June 2013

Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow - No. 10 Antique Rose

Burberry eye shadows are my all-time favourite eye shadows.
There's a Burberry flagship store in Chicago, so of course, I took advantage when I was there last month.

Burberry packaging is beyond luxurious.

After pretty much swatching all of their individual sheer eye shadows and eye shadow quads, I ended up selecting No. 10 Antique Rose.

Oh, my...

Before my trip, my heart was pretty much set on Almond (thanks to Tiffany), but when I was standing in Burberry's glory, there was just something about Antique Rose...
Almond seemed so close to every other shadow in my collection, so I opted for the rosy tone of Antique Rose.  Also, I had swatched Antique Rose right next to Rosewood (my review), and it was ah-mazinnnggg!

Of course, we all know it's only a matter of time before Almond...

I paid $29 US for Antique Rose.  It is $33 CAD in Canada.

- M

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