26 May 2013

REVIEW: CLINIQUE even better clinical dark spot corrector

I picked this up from the Cosmetics Company Outlet a year ago for $37.50 US, and finally decided to use it regularly this year.  I think I started using it in February and just finished it two weeks ago.

Generally, my skin is pretty good.  I get the occasional hormonal acne spot during the time of the month, but never anything big.  In January, I had a random freak breakout -- I had spots all over my face, in areas where I have never broken out, so I was left with some dark pigmentation.  I decided to give this Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector a shot at lightening the dark spots.

Its ingredients:

One pump:

How I used it:
I used it as part of my night time skincare routine (after I have removed makeup and showered).

  1. Wash face
  2. Put on eye cream and let it sink in
  3. Half a pump on my forehead
  4. Half a pump on nose
  5. Half a pump on my chin
  6. Half a pump on each cheek

I really enjoyed it.  I liked how the odd silicone-like gel consistency smoothed over my skin very easily.  It would feel a little tacky when just applied on the skin, but once it dried, it was almost powder-like smooth to the touch.
I did notice that it significantly lightened some of the darkest spots and even completely got rid of some of the lighter dark spots!  I also found that my skin looked and felt amazing in the morning.  My skin appeared smoother, more plump, and brighter.
My only caveat is that I'm only completely sure of its ingredients -- It's a long list and I wish I knew what was in it!  I'm currently trying something else right now, but this product definitely has high re-purchase potential!

Price (for 30mL/1 oz):

  • $49.50 US Sephora.com
  • $37.50 US CCO
  • $63 CAD Sephora.ca (WTF?!)

- M

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