30 December 2011

Cherry Post

Hello fellow makeup hoarding freaks,

This is R of the M and R duo.  I would tell you my name, but it's only our first post.  Let's take it slow.  I'm not that easy. 

Now, let's be honest.  We will never purport to have the swatching prowess of godly proportions by Temptalia, the endlessly drool-worthy luxurious haulage of TheBeautyLookbook, the insider information of KarlaSugar, the always awe-inspiring tutorials of Miss Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo, nor the crazy feline editorials of MakeupandBeautyBlog.  However, we do have a certain point of view on things that we spend too much of our hard-earned moolah on. 

So here we are.  Popping our blogging cherry.  In addition to offering you our views on unnecessary items of vanity, I also promise to do so with the correct use of it's and its.  I do warn you that I love my commas and am not afraid to use them.  Think of them as grammatical lipsticks.  

With all that in mind, I conclude with an explanation of our name.  Please excuse its length.  I've always felt that I am too practical to be fashionable.  Many have told me that I have my "own sense of style."  They really mean that I have none.  As for M, she really wanted to include "frugal" in the mix, thinking that it was a suitable adjective for her.  Don't worry.  I set her straight.  Who are we kidding?  When we see that beautiful array of shimmery, shiny colours in compact little tubes and boxes, we pounce faster than a mother bear protecting her cub. 

Practically yours,


DISCLAIMER: None of the two popped cherries were gifted or sent to us by any company. 

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